Your Vote Matters

John C. Atkinson

In Virginia Beach, our Republican and Democratic Party Primary Elections are typically held in June of each year that partisan seats, such as Clerk of Courts, City Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue and the General Assembly, are contested.

Virginia does not register voters by party and our primaries are open to all eligible voters. When you choose to vote in a primary election, you are choosing the candidate who will appear on the November General Election ballot representing their respective parties.

When you arrive at the polls during a primary election, you will be asked to choose between receiving a Republican or a Democratic Party ballot. You then vote as you would in any other election. If you select a Republican ballot, you are not committed or required to vote for the candidate representing the party of the primary ballot you selected.

Primary elections are typically the lowest-turnout elections during any election year, which will make your vote more powerful than in any other election, at any other time. By casting a primary election ballot, you are helping choose the candidates, as well as the agenda, for the upcoming face-off between the candidates in November.

Get Registered and Commit to Vote This Year!

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